Metlife Stadium Tailgate

Is your favorite team playing the Jets or Giants at Metlife Stadium? Away Game Tailgate is where you want to be, surrounded by fans rooting for your team.

The Eagles Tailgate At MetLife Stadium

One down, one more to go! Our Philadelphia Eagles tailgate at MetLife this past Sunday was a success. We had some snow flurries, but that did not stop fans from partying before the game. The drinks were flowing and Flip Cup was pretty competitive! Our Philly Cheesesteaks were the highlight of the tailgate, so we’re [...]


Eagles Coming to Metlife (Twice)

The NFL season is moving fast as it always seems to do. Our tailgates at MetLife Stadium have been a lot of fun, getting to meet opposing fans every week is why we do what we do.  Next up is a rare occasion, the Philadelphia Eagles are playing at MetLife Stadium two weeks in a [...]

Buffalo Bills Tailgate

Yesterday was definitely football weather, and what better way to enjoy it than with a Buffalo Bills tailgate at MetLife stadium. We had an awesome group of fans show up. They were ready to beat the Jets after a terrible loss last week to the Jacksonville Jaguars. With an expanded menu of Buffalo Wings and [...]

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