Patriots Tailgate at Metlife Stadium SOLD OUT - Away Game Tailgate
Patriots Tailgate at Metlife Stadium SOLD OUT

Patriots Tailgate at Metlife Stadium SOLD OUT

The Patriots tailgate is sold out.


We want to say thank you to those that came out for the Denver Broncos tailgate. We had a great time and you made things easy for us, everyone was so nice. We are glad your team won, a nice way to start off the season. We originally planned on launching away game tailgate in 2020, but no fans being in attendance definitely stopped our tailgate plans before they started. So we waited and it was nice to launch with a successful tailgate for Broncos fans.

Next up on the schedule is the Jets vs Patriots. If you are a Pats fan and you are going to the game you should definitely check out our New England Patriots fan tailgate. We are located in Lot F, you can visit our Metlife Stadium Parking location page for a map with the exact spot we park.  We have a nice curb by our tailgating trailer so you will have plenty of room.

Plenty of food, hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, veggie burgers upon request along with complimentary beverages; beer, white claws, soda, and water.  So if you want to hang out with other Patriots fans before the game, sign up today because space is limited.

There are so many passions New England fans. We see your fandom on display at so we know you are a great fit for Away Game Tailgate; your home away from home.