2023 NFL Season at MetLife Stadium
MetLife Stadium Tailgate

2023 NFL Season at MetLife Stadium

Attention all football fans: Away Game Tailgate is excited to announce 17 amazing tailgate parties lined up for the 2023 NFL season at MetLife Stadium! We don’t have the dates yet, as we’re still waiting for the NFL to release the schedule. But we know we’ll be hosting tailgates for all of the NY Jets and NY Giants’ division opponents, including the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, and Washington Commanders.

If you are a fan of one of the other teams playing the NY Jets or NY Giants this year, we want you to tailgate with us. Philadelphia Eagles, Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, and Cincinnati Bengals fans have all tailgated with us! We have a great time planned for every game, with delicious food, plenty of drinks, and all your favorite tailgating games like cornhole and Jumbo Jenga. We also have TVs so you can catch all the pre-game action and an Xbox with Madden for some virtual gridiron action.

And if you’re coming to MetLife Stadium for the 2023 MetLife Takeover (Miami Dolphins MetLife Stadium Tailgate), be sure to swing by our tailgate party and hang out with other football fans. We’re not officially part of the takeover, but we’d love to see you at our tailgate.

Away Game Tailgate has tailgates for MetLife Stadium events throughout the year. Stay tuned for the NFL schedule, and sign up for our tailgate parties when it’s released. We can’t wait to see you at MetLife Stadium in 2023 for the ultimate away game experience.