Join the Ultimate Tailgate Experience at MetLife Stadium This Season - Away Game Tailgate
MetLife Stadium Tailgate

Join the Ultimate Tailgate Experience at MetLife Stadium This Season

The 2023 NFL regular season kicks off in a few weeks. Are you a fan of a visiting team playing the Jets or Giants at MetLife Stadium? Get ready for an unforgettable tailgate experience with Away Game Tailgate as the Giants take on the Cowboys, Seahawks, Jets, Rams, Packers, Eagles, and Commanders, and the Jets square off against the Bills, Chiefs, Chargers, Dolphins, Falcons, Texans, Eagles, and Commanders. Away Game Tailgate is your home on the road. You are going into a visiting stadium to watch your team on the road. There is no better way to kick off the day than by tailgating with fans of your team. You won’t want to miss this tailgate experience at MetLife Stadium

For Visiting Fans of Cowboys, Seahawks, Jets, Rams, and Packers (playing the Giants):

Join us at Away Game Tailgate for an unparalleled tailgating adventure that promises top-notch amenities and a community of like-minded fans. Gear up for game day and feel the rush of anticipation with fellow visiting supporters.

For Visiting Fans of Bills, Chiefs, Chargers, Dolphins, Falcons, and Texans (playing the Jets):

Prepare for a thrilling tailgate experience with Away Game Tailgate, tailored just for you, the visiting fans! Enjoy a mouth-watering BBQ, refreshing beverages, and a spirited atmosphere filled with excitement and camaraderie.

A Special Salute to New England Patriots Fans:

Patriots fans, this season is double the fun at MetLife Stadium as your team takes on both the Jets and the Giants. Don’t miss out on the perfect pre-game festivities tailor-made for you at Away Game Tailgate! We’ve got you covered for both matchups, ensuring an unforgettable tailgating experience.

A Warm Welcome to Philadelphia Eagles Fans:

Eagles fans, soar into MetLife Stadium with pride as your team faces both the Jets and the Giants this season. Join us at Away Game Tailgate for both games and indulge in the perfect pre-game celebration designed just for you!

Calling All Washington Commanders Fans:

Commanders fans, your team is taking on both the Jets and the Giants at MetLife Stadium this season. Experience the best in tailgating with Away Game Tailgate, and revel in the excitement as you cheer on the Commanders in both thrilling matchups!

Why Choose Away Game Tailgate?

At Away Game Tailgate, we’re all about the visiting fan. Our top-of-the-line services and friendly environment provide a game-day experience like no other. Get ready to create lifelong memories with fellow football enthusiasts, indulging in the best of food, fun, and fandom.

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The football season is heating up, and you don’t want to miss out on the best tailgating experience at MetLife Stadium. Book your spot at Away Game Tailgate now if you’re a visiting team fan, and get ready to revel in the camaraderie, excitement, and sheer joy of game day!

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